When I was 18, I moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to New York for all the usual reasons, including the idea that I wanted to be an actor. Uta Hagen, who had a long, illustrious career on the stage and was one of the most important acting teachers in the country, accepted me into her acting class. Right away the process of creating characters was exciting to me. I learned more about writing in that class than I probably did about acting, and soon that’s where I put my focus. Instead of going to HB Studio I went to CCNY and studied fiction writing with Ted Solotaroff and Susan Sontag, among others. I was a waiter at the same restaurant for 10 years, writing articles for The Soho Weekly News and The New York Native, as well as many short stories, most of them unpublished. Ted and Susan continued to give me feedback on my work, and when I wrote a novel, Ted brought it to a young editor at Harper & Row. Once Square Dance was published, Jane Alexander and Charlie Haid optioned it, and they let me have a go at writing the adaptation. That script led to more screenplays for several independent films and a slew of movies for television, including The Interrogation of Michael Crowe, which earned a Peabody Award. I began to teach writing workshops and then a few screenwriting courses at Drexel University in Philadelphia and finally became a full-time professor at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Now I live in the southwest of England and Central Florida, where I’m working on a novel about artists married to artists, and the ways they affect the work and life of each other. 

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